Your Stories

We age
not by years
but stories

Every little moment counts

Every little story is a big story.

# Belated birthday gift

Not only the banknotes this wallet carries but also the memories that we have been making together

# Signature – NickJee

Love the great finishing, the textures, and of course your love to me

# Believe in yourself

Be grateful for your past as it made you stronger

# Always be Grateful

I'll promise to always love you like it's the beginning of our love story

# A new life was born

Our first Christmas as a family of 3

# Hello my love

No words are necessary between two loving hearts

# Start Our Journey

The most beautiful scenery is to share and enjoy everything with you.

# Hold me tight

To the world, you may be one person, but to me, you are my world.

# Best Present Ever

The gift you gave me was more than perfect in any way

# Love brings happiness

The right one will never leave you on a bad day.

# You are my everything

 I would spend my whole life to prove how much I love you

# I got 2 hearts on my hand - yours and mine

Our first-anniversary gift. From now on, I wish I could hold your hands until the end.

# Out first candle night dinner

Dinner is better when we eat together.

# Shining beautifully

You are the sunshine of my life.

# Je t'aime

Being you, just you. That's the reason I love you.

# One and only

You're not my number 1, you're my only one.

# Le seul et unique

You're the one and only.

# Forever yours

Who am I? I am forever your friend, family and lover.

# TheSoundOfLove

lub-dub, lub-dub "What is this sound?" "Sound of love."

# Signature - C.Cheuk

Be the exception.

# Signature - Mr. Wong

No man was ever great by imitation. 

# HoldMyHand

Hold my hand, and I will go anywhere with you.

# La deuxieme anniversaire

This is our 2nd anniversary momento.

# Your happiness is my happiness

Stay happy, my dear.

# You'll never walk alone 

I'm always with you

# Surname of my father

I designed the logo of the wallet which is the last name of my father, "Tsang". I guess he will like this uniq...

# Only one

You are the one and only one

# GodLoveUs

We loved because he first LOVED us.

# EverThineEverMineEverOurs

Ever Thine Ever Mine Ever Ours My heart will always follow where you go. 

# CherishThePerson

Cherish the person who makes you laugh everyday.

# LifeIsHard

Life is hard, but she's with me.

# YourHandFitsInMine

Your hand fits in mine, like it's made just for me.

# Friday

Friday is the day that holds all time together.